Pathfinder Role Playing Game: Bestiary

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The greatest monsters of fantasy gaming come alive in the very first hardcover release for Paizo's new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Backward-compatible with the 3.5 fantasy rules but packed with new solutions and options that place it firmly on the cutting edge, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is the culmination of the largest open playtest in tabletop RPG history.

This lavishly illustrated, full-color tome contains new takes on more than 250 of the best-loved, most popular monsters of fantasy, ready for instant use in your Pathfinder or 3.5 campaign!

From the comedic-but-deadly goblin to the world-killing Tarrasque, the Pathfinder Bestiary contains a wide range of foes suitable for battles with characters of all experience levels.

Note: This is for Pathfinder 1st Edition