Dragon Ball Super Card Game Starter Deck: Resurrected Fusion

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Dragon Ball Super Starter Decks include 50 cards (including 5 deck exclusive cards) and 1 Leader card to start the game, 1 play sheet and 1 play manual.

Resurrected Fusion (SD06) is a Blue deck, with a Leader that has several conventional Awaken skills! Focusing on the resurrected warrior Gogeta!

Exclusive Cards:

Knockout Strike Gogeta - A powerful leader utilizing the new keyword Sparking!

Fusion Reborn Vegeta & Fusion Reborn Son Goku - Play these cards in a pinch for more draw power or to ramp energy! Play them together to quickly summon Ultimate Fusion Gogeta!

Ultimate Fusion Gogeta - A powerful double strike warrior who quickly turns the tide of battle with his sparking effect: allowing you to draw cards while removing cards from your opponents board.

Great Saiyaman - A solid 3 cost 30,000 power warrior. Great for adding some offense to blue decks!