Dragon Ball Super Card Game Starter Deck: The Dark Invasion

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Dragon Ball Super Starter Decks include 50 cards (including 5 deck exclusive cards) and 1 Leader card to start the game, 1 play sheet and 1 play manual.

The black starter focuses on the Dark Demon Realm Saga, and features a combination of green and black cards!

Exclusive Cards:

Bardock, Unbound by Darkness - Place the top three cards of your deck into your Drop Area to gain +5000 power and Critical! Bardock also makes it easier to activate Over Realm, making him a great choice for any black deck!

Quick Blade Trunks & Killer Sword Trunks - Killer Sword Trunks has Double Strike, and if you evolve into him, you can even play a 3-cost card from your Warp! He costs 4 energy, but by using Quick Blade Trunks' Over Realm, you can attack early, then Xeno-Evolve into Killer Sword Trunks for a blitzkrieg offense!

Encroaching Threat Masked Saiyan - This Masked Saiyan can attack cards in Active Mode! He also gets a -1 cost reduction depending on the number of cards in your Warp, allowing you to create a powerful combination with the Trunks introduced above!

Power Aura Mira - Use Over Realm, and Mira’s permanent skill is guaranteed to kick in! Series 3 also features a Mira with Xeno-Evolve, making him a great fit for Mira-centric decks!