Brawl: Morgan Deck

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A Fast Paced Fighting Card Game

BRAWL is a fast, furious battle card game for two players, first released in 1999.

Each player needs a deck in BRAWL, and both players are playing at the same time, as fast as they can. The game requires a balance of strategy and speed, as characters battle to capture Base cards by playing Hits, Blocks, Clears, and other cards.

A full game takes less than a minute to play, and each character has a different strategy and a different mix of cards. For the 2016 edition, Cheapass has updated the graphic design and packaging.

The rulebook now contains an extended description of each character’s strengths and weaknesses, and strategy hints to get the most out of your game.

2 players (each need their own deck) // age: 12+ //  1-2 minutes