Argent Saga Trading Card Game: Betrayal Booster Box (2.0)

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Enter into the world of the Argent Saga Trading Card Game, Argos!

Betrayal is a 126 card set that features powerful cards to support each color, as well as legendary rare cards to take your game to the next level!

Argent Saga was designed by world-renowned Yu-Gi-Oh! player Jeff Jones and Force of Will and Kaijudo champion, Rob Hebert, with art direction by John Kimmel, lore by Ian Spiegel-Blum, and additional assistance from Christopher Medina. Jim McMahan and Brad Hoisington of Alter Reality Games are the masterminds behind the whole project.

Each Booster Box Includes:

  • 24 packs, 10 cards per pack, 2 Argent Rares, 7 Super Rares, 15 Rares, 8 Foil Commons, 184 Commons, 1 Box Topper Card
  • 8 Redemption point/QR cards
  • 16 Basic Shards or 15 Basic Shards and 1 of 9 Serial Numbered Cards
  • 12 Boxes per Case

Set Information: Betrayal

  • 126 Card Set
  • 13 Argent Rare Cards
  • 18 Super Rare Cards
  • 25 Rare Cards
  • 60 Common Cards
  • 60 Foil Variants of Common Cards
  • 5 Box Topper Cards
  • 9 Serial Cards Numbered 1-1000

This is a new printing and comes in a specified box with a 2.0 sticker. Changes to foiling standards and cardstock were made to this edition of the Betrayal Booster series. Contents of the Betrayal booster series remain the same.