About Rollbear Games.

Who the heck are you guys?

We sell games and stuff that goes with them! That's who we are!

Rollbear Games was originally founded as a brand to test our ability to create and publish role playing game supplements on our own back in 2016 and if that went anywhere already having most of our design work future proofed. We're probably best known for running an online RPG learning program in 2017/2018, and for almost launching a certain popular franchise of puppets themed supplement on Kickstarter that same year. 

While our old work did bear at least one marginally successful product, "The Rollbear" (that's what we call the boss around these parts) had an opportunity to pursue his dream job: managing a FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) full time, which sadly meant no more development and marketing for Rollbear Games titles.

It was an awesome job and he loved it. While it was doing kind of well, due to a number of complications and business in other industries having much bigger profit margins and red tape to deal with, the owner shut down operations early in 2019.

Those customers encouraged The Rollbear to go solo and open his own store. So he did, reviving the Rollbear Games brand as the cool little online games boutique you are visiting today!